Why Should I Consider Shopify for My Online Shop?

Florian Latifi

Florian Latifi

Co-Founder, Bytegrasp

5th July 2022, 6 minutes read time

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Shopify, simply put, is one of the best e-commerce platforms in the world.

It provides everything you need for an e-commerce business and has the smoothest usage requirements. The platform empowers more than one million online retailers worldwide.

However, is that all there is to Shopify?

Surely there are other options that may be worth considering.

But, what exactly makes Shopify the most attractive option that you should definitely consider if you plan on starting an online store?

Well, without further ado, take a look below. There you will see all the important ins and outs of this e-commerce platform and why it will pay off if you decide to use Shopify to power your next online store.

Low costs

The comparatively modest monthly fees required to use Shopify make the initial setup cost-effective.

You want to know how much it costs to use Shopify, right?

The cost of the basic plan is $29 per month, while the cost of the mid-level plan is no more than $79 per month.

Fast setup

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Launching an online business with Shopify is quite simple and takes very little time.

In order to construct your store, you won't need a server or any other kind of technological expertise. Within the platform itself, both the software and the hosting are made available.

The logical layout of the features makes Shopify's UI clean and user-friendly. The only thing that is left for the user to do is to think up an idea for a product.

Easy to use

Shopify users adore this e-commerce platform for a variety of reasons, but this one most likely belongs at the top of the list.

Shopify was designed with the typical user in mind, rather than the professional developer. Adding products, generating discounts, and processing orders are all very easy to do.

With Shopify's drag-and-drop editing tool, website design is not only user-friendly but also straightforward. In point of fact, it only takes a few minutes to set up a webshop.

Since the Shopify platform itself provides the necessary software and hosting, setup is so convenient and easy.

A wide variety of themes

The platform has a selection of professional templates that simplify the building of aesthetically appealing and distinctive online stores.

It comes with a minimal and default theme (the so-called Shopify Dawn theme), but designers and developers can modify it to create a store with a rich user interface and great user experience.

If you don't want to create or modify a theme on your own, there is a selection of 100+ themes available online for you to choose from.


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Apps are used to extend basic shop functionalities. Integrating those into a shop built with Shopify is a very simple process.

Shopify has thousands of programs available in its app store (both free and for a small monthly fee). We can confidently assert that there is an app for everything that shop owners would like to accomplish with their shop.

Users therefore have the ability to add supplemental features to their stores, which will allow them to cater to the requirements of their customers and increase the overall value of their operations.


Because more and more people are shopping online using their smartphone and tablet devices, an online store absolutely must have a mobile-friendly website in order to be successful.

Shopify themes are mobile responsive, so you can use them to create stores that are tuned for use on mobile devices.

You may even administer the store using free applications designed for iPhone and Android devices.

Built-in payment providers

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Shopify is a good choice if you are a merchant who sells both in-person and online.

With its in-house POS system, Shopify makes it simple to sell goods in traditional stores as well as temporary pop-up locations.

Shopify POS is a point-of-sale system that enables you to simply perform in-person retail transactions and handle credit card payments.

If you sign up for Shopify's e-commerce store, you will also automatically have access to Shopify POS. Because your POS system and online store are synchronized, any changes to the inventory that you make on one platform will reflect immediately on the other.

Shopify also offers the Stripe payment option, so your customers have the freedom to conduct transactions without being subject to any additional charges.

High security standards

Shopify's security and dependability is an additional key element that may be noted among its advantages.

Online shops are constantly exposed to sensitive client data. For organizations that handle the personal and financial information of their clients, security is essential.

You can enable SSL encryption for your store in the Shopify backend to encrypt all transferred data. Shopify also handles PCI compliance. All stores powered by Shopify are PCI compliant by default.

In addition, your online business must always be accessible to meet the buying needs of your clients.

Shopify handles all maintenance and upgrades of the technical infrastructure, ensuring that your business is always accessible to visitors. Moreover, Shopify ensures that your web pages always load swiftly.

Great customer support

Shopify prioritizes customer service. Their staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and their response time is practically instantaneous, ensuring that your company is never alone.

You may contact the Shopify support via phone, email, or web chat. In addition, there are numerous community forums, detailed documentation in the Shopify Help Centre, and a variety of Shopify University guides for expert users.

As scalable as they come

Using Shopify Plus (a plan offered by Shopify), there is no doubt that the e-commerce platform can support the expansion of your store.

Shopify Plus can accommodate the largest online sales events. High-traffic periods may be exciting for brands, and Shopify Plus members have nothing to worry about during these periods.

Shopify Plus has ensured that its platform offers unrestricted scalability to satisfy the needs of rapidly expanding brands.

The platform can handle 1 million pageviews and 10,000 transactions every minute. Additionally, it boasts a remarkable uptime of almost 100%.

Are you ready to start a store with Shopify?

Shopify emerges as one of the top options for e-commerce shop building due to its cutting-edge e-commerce capabilities and advantages. On this platform, sellers can either construct new online storefronts or move their existing ones and achieve great success.

So, are you ready to make that change? Are you ready to start an online store with high potential for success?

We at Bytegrasp are a team of developers from Linz and have proven knowledge and extensive experience in web development. In e-commerce, we specialized in Shopify and accompany our customers as a reliable partner in building their online stores.

Are you interested in working with us? Then contact our team of experts. Describe your store project to us in a first step and get things rolling.

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Florian Latifi

Florian Latifi

Co-Founder, Bytegrasp